Friday, August 23, 2013

A special visit

At the end of our beach week in early July, I had the idea to go visit our very much-loved and missed friends who used to be our neighbors at their new house in PA.  I called (or texted or e-mailed or whatever) and invited myself over and my sweet friend said, "YES!"  What's even more awesome is that she told me to show up at her house at midnight on a Sunday night.  Yes, midnight.  Because she knows me too well and because it was perfect.  Sweet Pea and I finished up cleaning the condo after family left and then we hit the road for a couple hour drive at 9 pm.  We got there so late and you know you're visiting a good friend when you walk in the door of their new house at midnight after not seeing them in weeks and you feel like you're right at home.

It was so fun in the morning to walk out of the guest room and see sweet little J's surprised and excited face.  He didn't know we were coming until he saw our toothbrushes in the bathroom.  He literally lit up, and Sweet Pea was so excited to play all day with her friends.  We ate awesome food (my friend is a great baker and cook), played outside, checked out their new town, and just relaxed.  The kids hit the ground running just like they always did and Sweet Pea still asks about her much-missed friends all the time.

Oh man.  It's like they are on a date!

Praying for our lunch.  <3 td="">

Painting nails. 

I love this sweet face.  She is always smiling!


Sheesh.  It's not often I even get an engagement session shot this adorable! 
 That night we went to this awesome ice cream place where you could get the yummiest ice cream bars in all kinds of cool flavors.  Sweet Pea and I got coconut ice cream to share, and then it was so delicious that I went back for some rice pudding flavor.  It was amazing.  I dream of that ice cream.  I fear we've lost our friends forever to PA just because of this ice cream place.  ;)

She takes her ice cream very seriously.   
It was a perfect time with friends, especially the part where we stayed up late talking after the kids were asleep.  Oh and the part where my friend had gluten-free peach crostada for me for breakfast.  Is that a good friend or is that a good friend?  ;)

Randomly though, one of my favorite moments from that little trip was when my girl woke up next to me Monday morning, stirred sleepily, realized she was right next to me, then rolled over, threw her little arm around my neck and said quietly, "I love you, Mama."  We snuggled awake and no wonder the day was perfect.

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