Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blue Furniture

In case you didn't know this about me, I love blue.  Tealish, greenish blues specifically; it was the first room paint color I ever chose (teal blue and light green, circa 1999), it was my bridesmaid dress color, and now it infiltrates many nooks and crannies of our home.

In case you didn't know this about me either, I also love a certain antique store called the Old Lucketts Store out in Lucketts, VA.  My parents found this rare gem back when I was in high school and showing horses out near there.  Now we all have loads of cool old furniture and home decor items from there, although the great (cheap) deals are fewer and farther between since they've been "discovered."  I admittedly kinda wish the discovering had stayed to just us, but I'm glad for them to meet with such success!  And you guys...the stuff there is cool, cool, cool.  You can't go there and not leave inspired and excited about your home.  Everything there is unique and special, and you really feel that the items have been lovingly found, refreshed, and recreated.  So sometimes you just have to splurge!

Each May my mom and I venture out for their Spring Market.  We really look forward to checking out all of the cool antiques and creative items.  This year, I scored two pieces of furniture in the first 30 minutes.  I also scored a mild panic attack because while I got great (great!) deals on gorgeous pieces, I was freaking out over spending any money at all. I mean, you know me.  If you see something there you like though, you have to move or it's gone.  I'm SO glad I moved, because two months later I love these pieces even more than the day I bought them.

Sorry my floors aren't vacuumed.  It is what it is.  :)

I bought both of these pieces from the same vendor, a very talented woman who owns a shop called Sophia's.  The first, the blue pew bench, was such an eye-catcher.  I wanted it so badly, but I knew that I would have to sell the white pew bench I already had to justify buying this one.  While I don't regret buying the new one, I still miss my old one!  I loved my white pew bench and wish I could have kept both, but there just wasn't room for it.

The massive wardrobe was much-needed.  We've been looking for a better clothes storage system for awhile (read: Hubby has to keep his clothes in the guest room closet), and everything we found was too expensive or not the right fit.  While it is a bit large for the space, it nearly doubled our closet space in the master bedroom, and it looks like it was designed just for me.  I love it.  It's gorgeous.  It was also a bit of a gamble, because I had to buy it without measuring the space at home first.  (Don't be like me!  Don't ever do that!)  And it fit perfectly.

How 'bout that full-length mirror?
Another thing that's cool about the armoir is that is actually comes apart into two pieces.  This not only changed the lives of my husband and the two youth group guys who moved the beast, but also means that if I wanted/needed to, I could break it apart and use each half in two different places.  Winning!

Can you believe how well it goes with my beloved little blue dresser?  That dresser was my first real home purchase as a newlywed nearly five years ago.  I got it the same day I got our white pew bench, which I just replaced with the new blue one.  I've wondered recently if the little dresser is a Miss Mustard Seed creation ever since I found her blog (she's a vendor at Lucketts), but I'm not sure.  I am sure that I love it, though!
The wardrobe really makes the space a little more grown-up, and it also makes me feel like I could step into Narnia whenever I feel like it.  Hello, Mr. Tumnus!

Speaking of favorite books, this large basket of them always lives next to our door so that Sweet Pea and I can cuddle and read in the mornings.  We did that every day until recently, when she's begun demanding, "Down-sayers!" as soon as she wakes up because she knows that where she can watch Elmo.  I think I am going to break our TV until she starts asking again for books and "cuddles."

I really love our room now.  It's not perfect- I'd love new curtains, different lamps and some cool artwork- but it feels comfortable and happy and fits us.  The colors are so relaxing and our furniture (which cost way, way less than a traditional bedroom set would ever cost) is unique and interesting and "us."  Well, okay, maybe just "me;" I don't think my husband really cares what our bedroom looks like, so long as there's a bed in it!

Did I mention that I love the pew bench?

It's taken a long time for our cookie-cutter style townhouse to feel like a special home to me, a place that feels like it fits our family when we open the door.  We're slowly getting there though, one flea market/Craigslist/thrift store/yard sale/LUCKETTS find at a time!  (See that side table?  It's another Lucketts score.  I repainted the top.  The Ikea chairs?  Craigslist.  Our new-to-us sofa? Craigslist.)


  1. I LOVE IT. As many times as I've been to your house, I don't think I've ever seen your bedroom! Beautiful, friend. You have a way with furniture and design. :)

  2. your place looks great- so perfectly charming and warm! and i am soooooo jelly of that turquoise bench! it would go perfectly in my kitchen! raar! hahaha. love the photo frame, too!

  3. I think your house really does "fit" your family and you've done such a great job decorating and making it yours! Your bedroom is so inviting and cozy feeling. I wish I had your decorative abilities, especially since my favorite color is blue too (any shade) ;) Is your bed frame Ikea? I'm still loving that blue bench!!

  4. I love your decorating style so much! And I love that new wardrobe!!!

  5. Laura Johnson9:41 AM

    Ooh, I love it all!! Good job!

  6. That bench is adorable.


  7. Hi there, first visit to your blog and I love it. If you ever decide to sell that 4 seater bench or see one like it will you please let me know. I love it
    thanks Tobey

  8. The living room looks AMAZING!!! Totally YOU!


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