Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dutch Wonderland

After the beach, and after visiting our friends in PA, did our never-ending-summer-of-fun end there?  Nosiree.  It was on to more fun and more friends!

Our MOPS group had organized a day at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster County, PA.  I'd always heard mixed reviews about the place and wasn't quite sure what to expect, especially because the place isn't exactly cheap.  But Sweet Pea was free because she's still under 3, it was a good excuse to visit our friends, and I figured we couldn't lose spending the day with more friends.  

I'm so glad we went.  We had a wonderful time, and I could't believe how brave my little girl was the whole time.  She loved all of the craziest rides and was so excited the whole day.


Sweet Pea's favorite rides were the kiddie log flume, the tilt-a-whirl, and the roller coaster.  She is definitely my child in the ride arena...her daddy isn't a fan of amusement park rides!  She would have gone on that log flume ride all. day. long.  

Watching the bumper cars. 
 Sweet Pea tripped and fell over her stroller right after that shot and you'd have thought the world ended.  Thankfully, riding the froggy ride half-a-dozen times in a row with a friend solved her problems.

A few of us decided to take a break next and go watch the silly princess and the frog show in the little arena.  Just as we were getting seated it started to sprinkle, and a few minutes later it was pouring.  Like, buckets pouring.  My friend and I looked at each other all proud because we had a covered place to sit and wait out the storm.  Just as we finished patting each other on the back, this guy with a huge umbrella comes out with a mic and announces, "Sorry, folks.  There was lightning and this is a metal structure and you have to leave."  So we got to walk out in to the crazy, crazy rain and get completely drenched while we ran for a restaurant.  We were in the restaurant for little two minutes when it all stopped.  It was actually hilarious and the flurry of trying to dry off kids and strollers and trade clothes and borrow towels and figure out whose sunscreen was who dropped what sippy cup was pretty darn hilarious.  All the dry people in the restaurant just watched in amusement.

Sweet Pea was less than amused with being wet, even though she got to get a dry outfit from her friend.

She recovered in time to think that this roller coaster had changed her whole entire life.

My friends hated me for making them do this picture.  But I love this picture.

Those sweet sweet kiddos.  They crack me up!

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