Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crazy beautiful summer

Everyone says it every single year.

Where did the time go?

How is it already almost September?

How is summer almost over?

I know everyone always says it, including me, but this summer I really feel it.  I have no idea how time has flown so fast, except on the same token I feel like I've been pregnant with baby #2 for my whole entire life.  Except yesterday was the 4th of July.  Except today is August 22nd.  Except I just found out I'm pregnant.  Except that was in February and it's August.  Except it can't possibly be August, because I haven't taken Sweet Pea to an outdoor movie yet and we've only been to the Splash Park once.  Once!  Except Bean starts Kindergarten in four days.

This summer has been such a whirlwind.  July began with a family trip to beach and ended with a week of YoungLives camp.  The two weeks in between were a blur of still being sick from the baby, unpacking, getting things ready for camp, repacking, organizing, playing with friends and I think a whole lot of lying around on the couch.  I was okay with the couch part.  It was hot outside!

Since I've been back from camp, which has been about 2.5 weeks, I've done nothing but nest and sleep and see friends.  Life has been busy and good.  We're going back to the beach tomorrow for the weekend and we've barely been there this summer.  Because it still feels to me like it's July 5th, which is when these were taken.

My girl loves the beach.  She asks to go there every day.  She will be beside herself with joy when I tell her we're going tomorrow morning.

I can't wait.




S'mores.  They love to eat s'mores at the beach.

Sleeping with friends.  Because we need all the friends when we sleep.

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