Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review- Alva Baby

Have you wanted to try those cheap-o diapers on Ebay but figured, "Nah, I bet they are junk..."?

Well, guess what?  They're not!

I purchased an Alva Baby 2.0 diaper on Ebay awhile back for $7 shipped.  They are touted as All-In-Ones but you do stuff them.  They are one-size.  This one came with two inserts.  I love it!  The lining is soft and wicks moisture away really well and the inserts are quite absorbent.  I use the second one in my G-Diaper.  I also like the fit (although there is no way they would fit a baby younger than 3 months or so) and the fleecy outer is nice.  The PUL seems to be pretty good; I don't feel dampness on the outside of the diaper and she hasn't had a single leak with this diaper.  

I like that added stitching. 

The inserts snap in; that helps them stay in place better.

Like so.  Snazzy!

I like the fit.  These are one-size so they snap up to be smaller.

One thing that's nice is that there is an extra set of snaps that you could use to make the waist tiny.
That's nice for small babies, but I just don't see these fitting at the thighs.

This is the Blue-Steel face.  


1.  No fold-over flap in the back.  I think that helps with the leaks.
2.  A little bulky.
3.  Elastic doesn't seem awesome.
1.  Cheap,  cheap, cheap; $5 shipped with one insert, $7 for two inserts
2.  Absorbent
3.  Great patterns.  The animal prints are fleecy on the outside.  I can't wait for summer when she can just wear this diaper and a t-shirt.
4.  One-size; always the best value. Plus, the waist can get super tiny.
5.  Snaps; no worries with velcro wearing out.
6.  Cutest model ever.

So, if you're looking for diapers on the cheap, go with these over Sunbaby.  I'm selling my Sunbabys and getting more of these!


  1. taylor i am so impressed with your adventurous tryings of all different types of cloth diapers! you are way braver than me! i just bought a zillion bum genius because they seemed the easiest!

  2. Hah, I'm just cheap! :) I really do like cloth diapering, though. I still use disposable at night and when we're going to be gone all day, and it always grosses me out how these little crystals of the soaker stuff the fill the diapers with ends up on her skin. Plus, the cloth is so soft. And cute!


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