Grow, Baby, Grow!

Being pregnant was hard.  Really hard.  Probably the hardest thing I've ever done.  Yet it was also the most fascinating, anticipatory time of my life, and I truly loved every second of knowing I was carrying our firstborn baby.  From her first little "butterfly kiss" kicks, to finding out she was a girl, to "taking her swimming" (floating in water is awesome when you're pregnant!), to finally meeting her, I loved being the only one to hold her every moment of every day.  So, chronicling the growth of our little one gave us great joy!
12 weeks
17 weeks...I kept down food that night, and thought I was
out of the woods with morning sickness..HAH!

18 weeks...I popped all of a sudden
20 weeks...finally really showing!
24 weeks...and finally not throwing up!

28 weeks

29 weeks

7.5 months...this was the sweet spot. 
I felt pretty good in my 7th and 8th months.

8 months 

34 weeks...11 days before giving birth
(You should have seen me waddling back and forth
for these self-portraits!)

Watch the difference!

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months
Just for fun: