Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Has anyone else noticed the sharp decrease mommy-bloggers seem to have in posting at or around the time their child turns two?  I have.  And I thought it wouldn't happen to me.  Except then I was blessed to have a photography business take off and a child turn two right around the same time.  And that precious, precious baby is an amazing sleeper- she hardly ever wakes up in the night- but she isn't a long sleeper.  We get 10 hours at night here and about an hour long nap during the day.  So it did happen to me.  That's okay.  I love spending time with her, so if blogging doesn't happen as much anymore, I'm okay with that.  I don't want to be staring at a screen all day; I want to stare at her.

I just love her so much.


  1. I hear ya. Except mine STILL won't sleep and I'm back at work... maybe I'll blog more over summer. I think getting off work at 1130 for summer school will be good for my blogging :)

  2. She's so beautiful! My blogging AND blog-reading has decreased significantly since Will started walking. I just can't keep up with it all--so I hear you!


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