Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunshine, Sand and (inside) Surf

Sometimes we just need to get away.  Away from traffic, from noise.  Away to be with friends and let our baby win tickets for cheesy prizes while we help her play arcade games.  Away to eat pizza and french fries.  To drink wine while she sleeps in her stroller.  To stay up late and sleep in and watch TV and go swimming inside while it's cold outside.   To make memories.  

First time seeing the Pier since Sandy.  

My view so often....running to me for love.  "Mama, hold you?"
If you look closely, there are rainbows dancing all over those images.

She's growing up so fast...I was watching videos of her the other day from just this past summer and I couldn't believe how much more of a kid she is now.  She's really hardly a baby at all any more.  I see it in her long legs and her confident movement and her no diapers (three months potty trained!) and her endless chatter.  She's so reasonable and understanding, caring and sensitive.  She can also be dramatic and sassy.  And she's finally growing more confident; she's been tear-free at two MOPS drop-offs now!   She was pretty brave in the pool, too, but sometimes would cling to her daddy and whisper, "Daddy, I be 'fraid."
So. Tired.

Pretendin' to be "sleep."

Flapping her butterfly wings.

Thanks, friends, for a special weekend!  :)

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