Sunday, October 07, 2012

App for that

I am a phone-photo hypocrite.

I am a self-proclaimed phone photo-hater, and yet I use Instagram on my husband's phone all the time.

I think photos should be taken with real cameras, so you can print them in good quality, except sometimes it's so nice to leave the big camera behind and still snap a pretty little picture (albeit grainy) with a phone.

I think camera phones are ruining our generation's memory-keeping because we use them all the time in place of real cameras and they don't usually print in high-enough quality, yet I think it's pretty spectacular that I can snap an image of a special moment and instantly post it online for all my friends to see.  If I just printed the photo, I would put it in an album and no one (myself included) would look at it but once or twice a year on a rainy day when we pull out the photo albums.

I hate that my generation never remembers to print their photographs, yet I've only printed one album this year of personal images.  Ones that were taken in September and October of 2011.

Modern memory-keeping is changing, and it's changing fast.  And while I still hold that phones with cameras should NOT be a primary means of documenting life, Instagram is pretty darn fun.

And pretty darn handy, too, especially when your "big" camera is out for the second time in a month getting repaired for the same unfixed issue.  And guess what?  It's going back out tomorrow because it still came back unfixed.  'Sup with dat, Canon?

They should rename the Instagram app to "Don'tpanicifyoudon'thaveyourbigcamerayoucanstilltakepictures-gram"  Why doesn't anyone consult me on these things first?

Last Saturday we went to a pretty quaint little apple orchard, and my heart was truly grieving my missing camera.  So that day, I was especially thankful for modern technology and the fun of capturing some interesting images to help remember the fun of the day.
 She thought apple-picking was crAzy fun.

It was the first truly cool fall day.

Before we picked, we had a picnic with friends.
It was so relaxing I didn't even take pictures.
The kids played in a pile of dirt while the parents laughed at them.
Which reminds me- I love my friends.

She loves apples.
See why I yearned for my real camera though?  So pretty!
Baby bandana?  Slay me.
On another note, we found out yesterday that our favorite orchard doesn't do pick-your-own anymore.  I almost cried.

On another another note, I've been having some blogger-block lately.  I just can't seem to find as many things to say here, I think partly because I'm usually inspired first by photographs and lately I don't have many photographs since I'm camera-less!  And partly because it's so lovely out all the time that who wants to sit at a computer?  And partly because two-year-olds nap less.

Life is good, and busy, and precious, and sweet; being a mom is still the best job in the world and my photography business is right about where I'd like it to be.  But I've been sick a lot again lately (mainly joint pain, fatigue and headaches), which is kinda cramping my general style.  I'd kinda fallen off my Paleo-eating bandwagon, so I'm back in business and (nearly) refined-sugar free this month.

So here's hoping that this beautiful fall weather kicks me out of this little feeling-yucky funk and gets my head back in the things I love.  Is there an app for that?

(And you know what?  A little prayer or two would be much appreciated!)  


  1. I'm praying, of course. Love you, friend.

  2. You've been doing great at so much Taylor! Keep it up with the less sugar and if you have to use Lenny's phone as a camera from time to time all is good!! I'm glad you had such a great time apple picking. Stinks we missed you guys literally by like a minute that day. There is always next time though ;)


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