Friday, October 05, 2012

Kinda like the Chicken or the Egg...

Lately I've been trying to get Sweet Pea to pray with me when we say prayers together at night.  She loves our prayer time; she squeezes her little eyes shut and listens so intently and sometimes repeats phrases that she hears me say regularly.  I love, love, love it.  So I've been asking her lately who she wants to pray for.  The first night went like this:

Me:  Who do you want to pray for, baby?
Her:  Ummmm...(Everything starts with "um" lately.)  Bean!
Me:  Bean?  You want to pray for your cousin Bean?
Her:  Yeah!
Me:  Who else?
Her:  Ummm...Co-ee!  Jussin.
Me:  That's great, baby!  Anybody else?
Her:  How 'bout...Esser.
Me:  You want to pray for baby Esther?
Her:  Yeah.  Esser.  Amen.

Mmm, that little voice!  It slays me!  So precious.  My heart became a puddle.

Next night:

Me:  Who do you want to pray for tonight, sweetie?
Her:  Doan know.  ("Don't know" is new this week.  It's actually driving me a little crazy.)
Me:  You don't know who you want to pray for?
Her:  Ummm...Gog!
Me, with no idea what that means:  Gog?
Her:  Yeah.  Gog!
Me:  ...God?  You want to pray for God?
Her:  Yeah!  Gog!
Me:  ...Uh...okay...we can pray for God...I think...
Her:  Amen!

I think we need to work on theology a little?  Except also, how come I've never thought before to pray for God?  Try and wrap your head around that one.  Dude...whoa.


  1. Sounds like Waverly is getting good practice with praying :) Praying with Justin is one of the best parts of my day! It is neat that she thought to pray for God. Definitely never thought of that, whoa is right.


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