Monday, October 08, 2012

Lady Bug Girl

Lady Bug Girl tests her wings.

This photo is an example of what is wrong with my camera.  I set the focal point to her face, and the camera even thinks the focal point is her face, even though it captured it at the grass in front.  Oof.  In this case, it doesn't matter though.
I love it more like this.


At MOPS last week, one of our little group discussion questions was something to the effect of, "What's one thing you miss about being a child."  I thought for a minute and said, "Imagining things.  I miss playing and pretending."  There's something about being around someone who is four that makes the world seem bigger, brighter and prettier.  Four out of the last five times I've been over to see her she's been wearing this ladybug girl outfit.  She's more wild and free than I was a four.  I was bossy; she is independent.  My hair was always neat and my clothes barely wrinkled; hers are both always a little crumpled.  She may look more like her aunt, but she is more like her mother and I love it.


  1. I miss playing and pretending too! I love seeing that spirit in kids and it is great when we are able to forget about our responsibilities and demands for a bit and pretend with them. Great pictures of Charlie as a pretty lady bug :)


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