Sunday, July 22, 2012


I don't know what happened in the past couple of weeks, but our little Sweet Pea is just exploding with words.  Everything we say is repeated (that's been going on for a long time), and she's getting great at responding to all of our questions with, "Oh-tay!" and "Oh...yeah!" Everything gets "tanks" or "tank-you," and folks are pretty impressed with how polite she is because of that.  We are slightly less impressed because she says it after everything; we think she just loves to hear us say, "You're welcome, Baby!"

She's been stringing two words together more and more, so I knew sentences were finally about to emerge.  She's also starting everything with a questioning, "Mama?"  I love that.  I love it and it makes me smile even though I hear it approximately a million times a day.


"Yes, Baby?"

"Ars-e-al?  P-wease?"  (Cereal, please)

"Sure, Honeycakes!"


"Yeah, Boo?"

"Sides.  Pawk.  Shoes.  On."

"You want to go to the park, Sweetie?  And go down the slides?


"You want me to put my shoes on?"

"Yeah!  Mama?"

"Yes, Sugarbeans?"

"Dat?" (Pointing to the wall.)

"What's that?"


"That's a picture."

"Oh.  Hold it?"

"No, baby you can't hold that right now.  But you can look at it!"

And so it goes...on, and on, and on.  I love the excitement in her little voice when she says, "Yeah!" and I love how she is already picking up on my little expressions and tones of voice.  She says things the way I say them, with my inflections, right down to the way I say, "Oh."

And singing?  I have waited and waited to hear that little voice sing.  She hummed with me all the time when she was tiny so I was certain that she would be a singer, but after awhile she fell into a silence when it came to singing.  I guess she just preferred to listen.  Then my mom burned me a CD of some of her and my niece's favorite songs and before long I was getting requests (and demands) from the backseat.  

"Mama?  Mama?  I-fower!"

"'Wildflower?' You want to hear 'Wildflower'?"


She also requests "Wond-rin" (what she calls "When Will My Life Begin," from Tangled), "Jets!" (Are You Gonna Be My Girl") and "Mermaid" ("Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid).  Incidentally, my husband now knows all of the lyrics to these songs.  He sang her to sleep with "Part of Your World" the other night.  She's finally singing along, too- if I turn the volume down, she's sitting back there going, "OoooOooo-ooo-yeah!  I-flowwwwer....I-flowerrrrr."  Her other favorite song to sing it "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

It all just makes my heart swoon.

But what really made my heart swoon was hearing her first sentence last week.  We had gone to our friend Mary's house for a haircut, and Mary invited us to take a dip in her pool after.  Sweet Pea and I were swimming around the pool when she suddenly threw her arms around my neck and announced, "I got you!"  After a few minutes she said it again, except this time it was, "I got you, babe!"  

Oh, girl.  I got you, too.   

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