Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Keys

Shaking her keys to cheer on the Frederick Keys at their home game.

Here are a few lesser known facts about Hubby and me.

1.  Hubby played baseball his whole life, including playing for awhile in college.  He was a pitcher.  He quit in order to have more time to volunteer with Young Life.

2.  I never played baseball ever my life.  I preferred making clover flower chains if ever the situation arose in which I was required to pretend to play softball for some form of a grade.

3.  I rode horses my whole life.  Hubby is a tiny bit wary of large, unpredictable animals with large hooves.

4.  I am absolutely terrified of anyone throwing anything even remotely near the vicinity of my bodily person.  Namely baseballs, and including, but not limited to: kickballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and ping pong balls.

5. Hubby and I coached middle school girl's softball together my last year teaching.

6.  Hahahahahaha!

Sunday night, we went to the Frederick Keys baseball game.  It was Faith Night, a special night of worship and speakers and player testimonies that my dad actually started a few years ago.  He has since handed off the reins on leading that up, but it's continued to grow and now it's a yearly tradition for us.  Hubby gets a night of watching baseball and I get a night of socializing.  Sweet Pea gets a little of the above, plus fireworks.

We also have a tradition of going to Costco beforehand and eating $1.50 hot dogs for dinner.  It's a great trick, actually; get half-sick on yummy cheap hot dogs before going into the ball park so that you don't crave the $6 hot dogs they sell.  I mean, really- a hot dog is a hot dog.  And kind of disgusting no matter what.  But so annoyingly delicious!

Sweet Pea loved the game.  She actually paid more attention to it than me.  She also socialized with friends, rode the merry-go-round, and played on the playground.

Our friend John is one of her favorite people.

Our friend Matthew is her other favorite person!

Tackling Hubby with one of her best friends.  

After the game, they let the kids go out and take turns running around the bases.  We really didn't think our tired little baby would want anything to do with it, but we thought we'd give it a whirl.  

 Apparently if her friend does it, then she'll do it!

Right about this point the entire stadium started chuckling.  Our little friend H plopped down in the middle of her run to play in the sand, while at the same time Sweet Pea looked so funny running all determinedly with her two fingers in her mouth and her little blanket flopping in the breeze.  They were a hoot, and basically the two cutest babies who ever ran around an infield.

She would squeal with laughter whenever someone ran past her.

Hubby thinks she has a career ahead of her.

After the game, they do fireworks and once again we weren't sure how that would go down.  But oh. my. gosh.  She loved them.  I was so excited to capture this unedited shot of her sweet little face staring rapturously at the "booms."

Oh, summer.  Can you just stay forever?


  1. LOVE the shot of Waverly watching the fireworks!! What a special evening you all had :) And I'm glad it didn't rain after all those dark clouds!

  2. so so so cute! she's adorable running the bases! james did that on father's day at nationals park. what big brave kids they are turning out to be!


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