Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dress Up

Why is it so fun to go through Mama's clothes and jewels?  I can so clearly remember when my own mother would let us play with her jewelry and old nightgowns.  It was usually on a quiet, rainy day and it made the day so special and exciting.  Trying on those jewels and maybe getting a dab of perfume made us feel grown up and beautiful.

Wednesday was one of those weird days where you have too much to do to make the day work right.  The baby woke up early and needed and early nap.  We had a million things to do.  So somehow the only thing that made sense was to throw it all out the window and play dress up the bedroom and jump on my unmade bed.


(These photos are SOOTC, all straight-out-of-the camera.  It's only fitting.) 


  1. LOVE the mirror shots and the one where Waverly is making a kiss face! I remember playing dress up too...what great memories!

  2. she's so lucky to have such a fashionable mommy. i'll be sending baby girl over to your house for dress up apparently :P

  3. I did not realize you were using cloth diapers.
    I went back to previous posts to see what you had to say about them. I am going to be a First time mom in December. With that said i have been looking into Cloth diapers. I've seen your pros and cons about them and how you use both. What kind do you recommend? The all in ones or the inserts? I am currently working full time, but will be unemployed as of the first of September so i think CDs would be cheaper in the long run. I don't know if i am going to go back to work the plan for right now is to go back to work in Feb, provided i can find a job. Would you recommend CDing to a mom/ family where both parents work full time? How does Lenny like them? i feel my husband would get frustrated. What kind of bags do you use for when you are out and have to change the diaper? Do you have a hose attached to your toilet to spray out the solids? is CDing harder now that SweetPea is getting bigger and more wiggly?

  4. Okay so i posted a comment about CDs, i am not sure if it went through.
    Long story short i am looking into possibly CDing. I read through your posts (which btw the last time you mentioned CDs was in Nov of last year)
    Would you recommend CDs to people who both work full time? What kind owuld you reccomend? All in ones or ones that you stuff? Do you have a hose to was out #2's? What do you use when you are out and have to change a CD? what kind of hamper do you have or do you just put them in a pile in the laundry room? does lenny like them or does he get frustrated? You mentioned before how over whelming it is to research CDs and i have found that as well. Between you and another friend of mine (whom also blogs) i have really been interested in CDing.
    did cding get harder when sweet pea got bigger and more squirmy?

    i think those are all of my questions (long story short imho i think you should revisit the cd on your blog ;-) )


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