Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tour De South, again

I was pretty anxious about taking Sweet Pea to a new church on Sunday in Tampa.  Her separation anxiety isn't totally gone, and it felt like we were asking for it to drop her off in a new place with strange people on very little sleep during nap time.  I always take her aside and pray with her about having peace and remembering that Jesus is with her when I'm not, so we went through that routine and guess what?  She did wonderfully.

After church we went out to lunch, which went not as wonderfully.  But after a nap in the car we arrived at a really neat animal sanctuary called Homosassa Springs.  They have manatees!  And this lizard.

She totally thought he gave her a high five.  Maybe he did.  Or maybe he was trying to claw her hand off.

But back to manatees!  I literally love manatees.  They just seem so friendly and fun and sweet and I desperately want one to live in my hypothetical pool so I can rest on him like a pool raft and feed him lettuces.  I would name him Peter Rabbit the Mermaid.  (Because manatees used to get mistaken for mermaids, duh.)

Also convinced that the manatee gave her a high five.

They also had a hippo!

Hippos are slightly more terrifying than I realized.  (Cindy, did you know this when you sent me my birthday hippo?!)  I watched this hippo chase out every duck who landed in his pond.  He was very obliging to the humans, but less so to the ducks.

Probably he would not have had the guts to chase these awesome flamingos.

I mean, why on earth would you chase them away?

They also had this cute baby!

Oh, wait.  I brought that baby.

We went home to have a cookout and sit on my grandma and grandpa's porch and enjoy the perfect weather and fading sunlight.  Seriously, Floridians, I get it.  You guys are lucky.

My baby drank out of the same little juice cup I remember drinking out of when I was little.  (Right, Grandma?  Or did you just find more?  It sure does look like the same one!)  I love the water dribbling down her chin.

Me, sans makeup or hair.  Sorry.  But I feel like I look so relaxed!
Showing us her belly button.  It is the most snackable belly button I have ever seen.
 Not only did she get to play on the porch and get filthy, but then her GiGi gave her this icing beater to lick.  AND then a whole cupcake.  With icing.  It was like all of her dreams came true at once.

Lizards, manatees AND cupcakes?  Can life get any better than this?


  1. The lizard is TOTALLY giving her a high five. Adorable. Also? I adopted a manatee when I was in elementary school. True story. They remain my favorite animal. LOVE these photos! You are beautiful friend!

  2. Haha, I like to think of hippos as the spoiled bossy fat kids on the playground. THIS IS MY WATERING HOLE AND YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY.

  3. Haha I like to think of hippos as the spoiled bossy fat kids on the playground. THIS IS MY WATERING HOLE AND YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY. Also, no, life does not much better than lizards, manatees,and cupcakes when you are 1.5 years old. What fun to live life through her eyes!

  4. What a lucky girl! We love animals and cupcakes too!


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