Thursday, April 12, 2012

Notes from 18 months

A new development around here:  Sweet Pea has started randomly looking at me and announcing, "Happy!" with a huge smile.  It usually happens after she hears a song she likes.

She always dances when she hears a song she likes.

Her current favorite song is "Shake Senora."  (AKA "Jump in the Line.")

The past two weeks have witnessed the development of tons of two and three word phrases.

She still takes the consonants off the front of some words and adds them later.  Soup is "Oops."  She calls her cousin "Archie."

She thinks every guy on a tractor is Ampa.

She askes, "Ah-pop"? every time we get in the car because she thinks we are driving back to Florida.

She adores her Becky (her pink blanket) and we have a whole routine that keeps Becky from being dragged around the house Linus-style every morning.  We have to lay Becky in bed, talk about how how she is so lazy and sleeps allll day, then Sweet Pea blows her a kiss and says, "Bye bye Becky!"  Thus we (usually) avoid tears.

She loves playing kitchen and feeding her babies.  She also loves playing "music."  We turn on Irish music on Pandora and she plays her instruments and claps and dances.

She is still using her potty once or twice (or more) a day.  It will be awhile before she is really trained (and I'm not pushing it at all) but she thinks it's fun still and I like it that way!

She weighs just over 20 lbs and is in the 25th percentile.  She isn't a great eater, so I was glad that we got back up on her growth curve.  She'd dropped off a little at 15 months.

Daddy is her favorite person in the world.  She calls for him a million times every morning and squeals with delight when he gets home.

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