Monday, November 21, 2011


Here are some things you probably didn't know about me.

1. George Washington and I have the same birthday.
2. And also the same taste in houses.
3. Particularly built-ins.

This weekend, my husband and I got to skip town to go to a marriage conference in King of Prussia, PA. King of Prussia is known for its ginormous mall, but also for being the city where the fields of Valley Forge lie. Valley Forge park is immensely gorgeous, so we discovered during the Saturday lunch break. There are nearly a dozen super awesome, old, stone, well-maintained farm houses on the property that basically made me want to try life as a squatter just so I could build a fire in one of the massive fireplaces and make porridge and darn socks. Or whatever.

Heck, I was pretty excited just by the soldiers' huts.  I could be pretty comfy living in one for awhile, except they don't have bathrooms.  Then we got to Washington's house and I created a few headaches with my cutest-house-ever squeals of delight.

I bet George Washington also shared my disdain for iphone photos.  One of my pet peeves is seeing people use their iphones to take photos of significant places/people/things.  "Use a real camera!" I want to shout.  "You won't be disappointed!"  But sometimes people are like me and they think they need a break from their camera and refuse to bring it on a trip away for a weekend and then they end up regretting it hourly but are at least thankful to have a husband with an iphone.  

Anyway, hutts!  (As they were called during the war.)

Waverly: "from the quaking-aspen tree meadow."  I love aspen trees. 
I wonder if George Washington had the same affinity for reading signage that I have.

George Washington's adorable Valley Forge house.

Even his doorknobs were cool.  

War desks?  Whatevs.  Georgeous ( built-ins?  Yes, please.

Even the banisters were awesome.  And the same color as my boots.

Awesome attic room.  I was envisioning it as playroom.


I was super excited about that fireplace.  

18th century mud room?

Yes, please, I'll take one.  I mean, there's a fireplace in every room!  I'll even take that cute kid running around outside!  There was also a perfect barn and a really pretty river running in front of the place.  With the addition of a porch and sunroom (and, oh yeah, modern amenities) it would be my perfect house.

One fun part about getting away for a weekend with your husband is that you get the opportunity to talk a little about your hopes and dreams for the future.  My newest one is, "Babe, will you buy me George Washington's Valley Forge house? 'K, thanks!"  

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  1. I am excited to be the first to comment on this. SO excited about your little trip, and lovelovelove the pictures! Especially since I get to be there in 2 days!!

    2 more thoughts: KOP may be known for one more awesome thing or person...
    and could Lenny live in GWash's house with you? From what I remember he was a bit taller than those houses were meant for.



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