Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall's Really Fun

I hate winter.  To me, the only redeeming factors of winter are Christmas and snow days.  (Except this year, I'll be slightly less excited about snow days because at my husband's school they make up every. single. one.  In the summer.  During the only three-week long summer break!)

People have told me I should just move somewhere warmer.  Oh, how I've dreamed of it!  Those daydreams always turn nightmarish though when I think of missing out on our beautiful Maryland seasons.  I love the rhythms and cadences of our seasons and the traditions that always seem to fit whichever season's fragrance is spicing the air.

Fall smells like sunshine baked long and slow in the oven and looks like a beautiful woman, the kind who is really beautiful; not with the new-bride kind of beauty of spring, but the mama-with-grown-children beauty, the kind who has known joy and suffering and hard work and long days and rest and knows what giving thanks is really about.  

Above all, fall is golden.  Fall is fun, a constant celebration of the harvests we've reaped so far this year, and a tucking in for more good things to come.

My eyes feast this time of year on all of the leaves on the trees.  I have a funny habit of pointing out trees I love, perhaps a strange effect of years of reading L.M. Montgomery novels.  (That Emily of New Moon especially loved her trees.)  I do it so often that my husband has even taken to pointing out interesting or beautiful trees, and it seems this time of year that I can't pick one I love before another overshadows it in its splendor.

So he wasn't surprised when I asked him to turn the car around; I wanted to let Sweet Pea "play in those beautiful leaves I saw back there and take pictures."  He obliged, like he so often does my funny little whims.

And our sweet little one?  She thought heaven was raining toys just for her.  She squealed with delight as we tossed leaves in the air and shook the trees for more and cars slowed down and mamas laughed at us and waved.

Everything that was ever delightful to me is 10 times more so now that we have this funny girl in our lives to share it all.



  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    she is sooo lucky! she is going to have the best baby album of all time. so cute!

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    She is sooo lucky! She is going to have the best baby album of all time! ooo i love fall


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