Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Date Nights

We had two date nights this weekend.

These date nights involved food.

In other words, we ate out twice.  In a row!

I can't really tell you how exciting this was for me.  I spent many a thought daydreaming about where we would go to eat.  I couldn't make up my mind.  I was like a little kid trying to pick a ride at Disney world.  My husband?  He was just hungry.  I've learned that hungry men don't often care where they eat, so long as they just get to eat.  So I got to pick.  Twice!

The first night we ate at Maggiano's, because they can substitute any of their pastas for gluten-free pasta.  We had Prince Edward Island mussels for an appetizer and commented that the ones we bought fresh-off-the-boat in P.E.I. and steamed ourselves in our camper were a dozen times better.  We had fettucini alfredo and (free!) creme brule for dessert.  I looked the same after as when I was about 5 months pregnant.

The second night, we took the advice of a friend who grew up in the area and went to the cute town of Pheonixville for dinner.  We found this amazing Tex-Mex place and ordered drinks and shared the best nachos we've had since our honeymoon in Costa Rica.  Honestly, I think they were even better.        

Finally, on a whim, we decided that what we (ok, fine, I) really wanted was sushi.  (I know.  I sound pregnant.  I am not.)  So we paid our bill, found a Wegman's, then bought sushi and gluten-free chocolate cupcakes, which we took back to our hotel and ate in the king-size bed while watching an episode of Hoaders on cable.  King-size!  Cable!  

It was awesome.         

I love the way food brings out fun memories and how easy it is to laugh and talk over something tasty.  I love that we randomly ended up eating foods that we've eaten at other fun times in our marriage.  I love that sushi picnics are a funny tradition for us.  I love sangria.  I love calculus.

You + Me = Us, babe.  

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