Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sometimes I go back through photos and these hit me in a new and special way.  They were snapped on our little bike trip about a month ago in a quick moment of just watching her be three.  I love that girl with those curls, those lips, those freckles.  I call those freckles "kiss spots."  (Fun Fact:  Sweet Pea has not one birth mark or freckle anywhere.  In the hospital, just hours after she was born, I searched her all over for one so that I could prove she was mine if there was some back mix-up.  I couldn't find one, so I wouldn't let her leave my sight.  I was a little high on meds.)

I love that she's wearing a princess dress-up dress over her clothes..  I love that I'm a better mama to my daughter because of my niece.

I hope her hair is always just a little bit wild.  Someday, I'll watch the wisps fall away and curl while she's dancing at her wedding and I'll think that she looks just the same as when she was three.

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