Friday, October 07, 2011

When it's raining on Monday...

When it's raining on Monday, and you have wee smalls in your house, you need to have a play date or you'll go crazy.

When the friends arrive, you won't have the kids out of jammies.  Well, one of them will be half out of jammies but will have added three layered pink tank tops from your closet to her ensemble and not be able to find her pants. At said play date, you'll want to let the kids climb on the couch and fall back (with cushions on the floor) because they are adorable and think it's hilarious and so honestly, why not?

You'll let her share a snack with a friend on the couch.  

You'll let her eat a snack on the floor.  

You'll let her sleep in your bed and thank the Good Lord for long naps.  You'll spend one of the hours they're asleep looking for the cell phone you let them play with while questioning your sanity.

When the rain finally stops, you'll practically run outside (even though it's getting dark) for a stroll around.  And why bother to change those jammies now?

It's all just par for the course on a rainy day.  We followed with a jam-packed week of a trip to go shopping with Gigi on Tuesday, playgroup and lunch and another play date on Wednesday, and errands on Thursday.  We're taking it easy this morning because this weekend is jam-packed with more fun, friends and photo shoots!  Life is good.


  1. Life IS good. :) Adorable photos, friend!

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