Monday, October 10, 2011

The Mixing Bowl

Remember this?
I am so tiny!  I am four days old!  
Me too.  Because it feels like yesterday.

Remember this next?

I am adorable!  I am 6 months old!
I had to do it again.  Ready?

 OMG this is the best day of my life!!!



The spot on the nose is the very best.  Love that I caught the focus right there.

I had to pull my refrigerator out so that I could use the space to back up and not have to use a wide-angle lens.  I pulled several muscles.  I really don't have great light anywhere in my house except next to a couple of windows early in the morning, and I was not going to give my child chocolate before noon.  (As if that somehow makes it better?)  :)  I need to go back and do some editing to get the color tones the same as the first two shots.

I wish I had a audio of the slurping and smacking sounds she made while working to get that chocolate into her mouth. Hilarious.  Definitely a fun alternative to the common "first cake" smashing shoots!


  1. You are the best mom EVER for letting her do that!!

  2. This is by far my favorite blog post. It is actually my favorite anything ever. My child loves chocolate and she wears it well, too.

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    All that can be said is, this is GREAT!! Well done Taylor!
    Love Ya Jen M

  4. This is absolutely awesome.

  5. These are my favorite pictures of Waverly, EVER. Good job, photographer mom! ;)


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