Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book Review

I happened to be fascinated by adoption.  I love the way God weaves the stories of families together and that He has ordained children and parents from the beginning of time.  When I found out my newest book to review was about adoption, I was excited.

Love You More is author Jennifer Grant's memoir of the adoption process of her family's youngest daughter.  The story (like any adoption story) is beautiful and fascinating and filled with God's presence and plan, but the way that Jennifer tells it is so real, so passionate and so honest.  I love her direct voice and no-nonsense attitude toward building her family and loving her children.  In reading this book, you get a true look at the ups and downs of the adoption process, from the frustrations of paperwork and red tape and bureaucracy, the fears and questions adoptive parents face, the unknown territory of bringing a baby home from another country, to the joys of cuddling a sweet a little face and knowing without a doubt that this is the child who completes your family.

Jennifer's faith in her family is unwavering and her pursuit of truth and honesty unrelenting.  I appreciated this look into the adoption process, particularly how for accessible the language was for someone who doesn't "speak" adoption and how beautifully the story wove together while still "telling it like it is."  I learned a lot, smiled a lot, and certainly shed a few tears.  Love You More is a great read, one I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in adoption.

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  1. Thanks for the review and recommendation, Taylor. I'll definitely be looking into this one...


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