Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sweet Pea loves kitties.  "Kitty" was one of her favorite words for the month of July, and she actually kinda started to drive me crazy because from the moment she woke up until she fell asleep, all day long it was "Kee-tee, Kee, Keeeetch, Kee-tee."  She adores our two, and has finally learned how to say "Meow!" with much joy and gusto.  Her entire countenance fills will joy the moment she sees one of our cats.

Our cats don't exactly feel the same way.

Child:  Utter joy.  Animal:  Utter horror.
Our cat Biddy is actually pretty sweet and tolerant of Sweet Pea.  Sweet Pea goes off in peals of laughter the second she sees Biddy in the morning, and both of them clamber about my bed in search of morning cuddles.  While I would happily cuddle both of them for hours, Sweet Pea loses all interest in me the second the cat jumps up on the bed, and the cat can't get to me then because the baby is all over her.  Sweet Pea loves to sit next to the cat and lean on her, just like in the photo above.  The cat is tolerant, at best.

I've been observing lately that my sweet girl seems to have quite a streak of gentleness in her little heart.  Now, it may be that she just hasn't quite figured out yet that she has any strength, but I have yet to see her grab, hit, push or otherwise muscle her way around the way most babies do naturally at this stage.  She's not a push-over, and she gets mad when something gets taken from her, but she doesn't fight back physically.  I never have to scold her for being rough with the cats and rarely even remind her to be gentle.  I barely even taught her how to "pet;" she got it on her own right away from a very young age and continues to understand how to softly stroke the kitty.

It's something about her that is pretty precious and I'm loving discovering her little personality as it unfolds before our eyes.


  1. That picture is AMAZING. Freaking. Amazing. That looks like an ad for... I don't know what, something good for kids but bad for cats.

  2. Sweet Pea is SO STINKIN' ADORABLE in that photo with the cat. :)

    Just today, N decided to empty Toby's basket of toys and throw EVERY SINGLE ONE at him. Then, she wrapped a ball of yarn around herself and walked around the house, ball of yarn trailing after her ... while Toby chased it. It was PRICELESS.

  3. Agreed. The picture is awesome! So sweet that she has a gentle little demeanor. Gentle was one of L's first words because I had to say it SO yeah, it sounds like W's gentleness is unique:).


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