Friday, October 14, 2011

Cinderella Story

Last Saturday, two people I love very much got married.  To each other!

Believe it or not, I actually set the two lovebirds up with each other.  So, effective immediately, my business is now Fields of Green Photography and Matchmaking.  My matchmaking fee is that I get to smell you first-born's newborn baby head whenever I want.  

The bride is a dear friend of mine and my husband's from college.  We lived together junior year.  I remember walking into her room one evening, looking all bereft and woebegone, moaning that "Lenny asked me out and he's ruining our friendship and I didn't know he liked me like that!"  I fully expected her to moan with me and say he was stupid.  Instead she said, "Oh, FINALLY!"  I thought she was crazy.  Except we ended up getting married.  And then we made this baby:

 Can I get a "What what!" for that dress?!

I heart buttons.  HEART THEM.
Anyway, back to the wedding.  The groom is a close friend from Young Life.  He volunteered with us, and the crazy part of the story is that before he moved to this area, he and my husband knew each other from Young Life in another area, back when the groom was a senior in high school and my husband was a sophomore in community college.  In short, the fall I met the bride (our freshman year) was the same fall my husband met the groom.  A year later my husband moved to our college, and three years after that the groom moved to our area and wanted to help with Young Life.  Eventually he wanted me to set someone up with him.  I showed him a picture and said, "The girl in the middle is single."  He said, "You had me at curls.  When can I meet her?"  The rest is history.

The wedding was awesome.  I love my friend's taste, and she did an amazing job of creating a beautiful, detail-filled wedding that focused on family and friendship and the people they care about most, all while sticking to budget.  They should be proud!  

The groom made that cake stand!

 Sweet Pea should get the "Awesomest Baby Ever" award for being so sweet and good all day.  It was a huge, long, pretty napless day for her and she did a stellar job of being her adorable self, even if she did lose it during the ceremony and we had to leave.  Something about a quiet place seems to make babies want to hear their own voices.

Yes, yes...that is my stroller in the background ruining their photo op.  Yeesh.

Best attempt at a family photo.

 She lost her booties at some point.  Oh well.
My hair was cute and curled at some point.  Oh well.


Daddy-Daughter Dance
 The bride and her dad danced to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella" song, which is a tear-jerker if ever there was one, especially if you know the story behind the song.  The baby had gotten fussy and Lenny wandered off with her.  I couldn't find him, and was starting to get annoyed because the song was so sweet and I wanted him to hear it while holding her.  I stalked away from the dance floor to look for them, and in the corner out of everyone's way and notice I found this.


She had fallen asleep in his arms and he was waltzing (legit waltzing...I guess he remembered from a class we took four years ago?) with her in his arms.  Swoon.


 She stayed asleep, so to everyone's hilarity we brought her back to the dance floor and got jiggy wit it...wit da baby...asleep.  Except later, when I tried to put her in her stroller, she woke up, and turned into a crazed gremlin child.

It was a beautiful night and I'm thrilled for my friends as they start their new lives together.
Wish lanterns, a la Tangled

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  1. This post just made my day sooo much better! I wish I could explain the smiling that this post extracted from me :) but alas, words cannot suffice!


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