Saturday, September 24, 2011


On Thursday, we went on a date. No special reason, we just wanted to hang out. And I wanted to eat enchilladas. And I didn't want to cook.

At one point I looked up and said, "Uh, babe? Is this our first date since we've had the baby?"


Didn't we just celebrate our baby's first birthday?

Can we actually be this lame?

We've left her several times, for weddings and such. I think it's just that if we're going to go out, which happens infrequently, we want our baby with us. We like watching her watch everything around her, like being a part of her little experiences. For so long, Hubby was working so much that we felt his free time was cherished most when spent with both of us.

We really should have gotten a little more creative though in trying to date this past year. Yes, going out to eat is not in the budget. Yes, getting free babysitting is a little tricky. Yes, time is tight. But we do need time that is just us sometimes, time that is a bit more quality than searching for something to watch on Netflix, then getting bored and falling asleep.

Besides, my husband is really fun to date! And he's handsome. He even bought me a piƱa colada (first drink out in like, oh, a billion years? wow) and let me take his picture beneath the glow of a red neon taco sign. Only the classiest for us, baby!

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  1. We don't go on dates nearly enough either! But oh how sweet it is to get out--just the two of us--when we do!


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