Monday, September 26, 2011

Her Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we celebrated Sweet Pea's first birthday in style.  She is in love with dogs, and one of her favorite books was given to her by some dear friends as a Christmas gift last year.  The book, a beloved of my own when I was a child, is called The Poky Little Puppy.

Ever heard of it?
I thought everyone had, but apparently I was wrong, as it turned out that my Poky Little Puppy-themed birthday party took some 'splainin.

"Why are there bones on the table?" my father-in-law asked.

"They're not edible?" my mother questioned.  She knew I had tried my hand at home-made meringue "bones."  I'm amazed that she thought I could make them that realistic.  My meringue bones, which looked adorable in the picture, looked misshapen and inappropriate.  Live and learn, and don't make meringue.

In spite of the fact that I didn't get everything all set up until 20 minutes after people were already arriving, and still had not made frosting for the cupcakes, we all ate and drank and had lots of fun.  (And my sweet friends J and K made the frosting and frosted the cupcakes for me!  They were stellar.) The puppies in the The Poky Little Puppy ate three desserts; rice pudding, chocolate custard, and strawberry shortcake.  We had all three as well, in the form of a rice pudding "cake" with green "grass" coconut,

chocolate custard in the form of dirt dessert,

and strawberry shortcake cupcakes, gluten-free and homemade.

Quick note about images:  I have no idea who took most of them and they are all SOOC.  It's kind of impossible
to photograph your own child's birthday party on any thing but auto.  Being present, baby!

We also had lots of snacks, served in silver mixing bowls to look like dog bowls, on wooden placemats made from sticks, a perfect addition that my mom already had in her ownership.

Watermelon is Sweet Pea's favorite!

See those bowls at the end?  That, my friends, is gluten-free, peanut-free "puppy chow," which was also in the goodie bags for the kids.

The weather was lovely, the family and friends wonderful, and Sweet Pea had a blast.

Cupcake onesie made by Groovy, Hubby's mom.

Wardrobe change!  I'm nothing if not me.

Hand-made banner from Groovy.

Well, ok, she mostly had an amazing time, apart from when she had a minor meltdown because SOMEONE refused to take a decent nap before her party.

But all was well with the addition of a cupcake.

She immediately shoved the whole strawberry in her mouth.  I prepared to perform Heimlich. 




We really had a lovely afternoon.  The kids ate and played and petted the horses, and Sweet Pea relished all the attention.  I'm so thankful for all of our sweet family and friends!

Don't Sweet Pea and her sweet cousin M look SO much alike?  





  1. It was so fun and, as you know, I LOVED the theme. :)

  2. I know that book! I love that book!

    And you and baby W look wonderful. What a cutie.

  3. SO cute! And can I also say the picture of her on the chair with the balloons with her diaper sticking out make me think of the country-fied version of the coppertone baby!! such a funny/sassy/cute picture!

  4. Wish we could have been there! You did a great job mama!


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