Friday, September 23, 2011


I've been a bit quieter around here lately.  But it's been for good reason.  Besides all of the birthday extravaganza that went down around here (still working on getting up birthday party pictures!), I've been busy.  Busy playing with my baby, who has spent the past few weeks becoming a full-fledged player.  

It all started when she discovered "fake" eating.  One of her very favorite toys are her cloth veggies (and now fruit, too, thanks to our sweet friends!) from Ikea.  She loves to hold them, throw them, chew on them, carry them around in her mouth, etc.  She always thought it was hilarious when she'd hold one up to me and I would make munching sounds, but now?  She's doing it too, and feeding her Elmo, her doll and the cat.  She also loves to hold up her tea set cup and fake-slurp away.

The past week has also brought on the advent of her hugging her toys.  She already loved to bury her face in Woof (her beloved stuffed puppy) and other soft toys, but now she is holding baby dolls and stuffed animals under her chin and hugging them close.  Her favorite to snuggle is her new Giggles baby doll.  You push the doll's belly and it cracks up, then Sweet Pea cracks up, then she gives the dolly a huge hug.  It's about the cutest thing I ever done seen.

Actually, maybe the cutest thing I ever done seen is how much she adores her new puppy dog.  It barks, pants, and walks, and Sweet Pea pants and woofs back at it every time.  

And finally- and this one really gets me- she's asking for books.  Be still, my English teacher heart!  I knew I chose a literary name for my daughter with good reason!  She learned how to say "book" about a month ago, but yesterday and today she has walked near her books and said, "Boos?  Boos?"  She even said it when I plopped her down on our bed after her bath, I guess because she knows we usually read in bed in the morning.  

This almost-toddler thing?  Yeah.  It's super fun.

Tea party.

Oh, she is just scrumptious.
Cuddling a new coat from Aunt T.

Next up...the birthday party post (finally!) and, in honor of Sweet Pea's first birthday, a great giveaway!  You're not going to want to miss it!

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  1. Oh my goodness ... she IS scrumptious. :) Don't you LOVE the new things they come up with?! When N started doing pretend things, it killed me! :) It just keeps getting better ...


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