Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer Sunset

Or, more appropriately names, summer sunset and s'mores.

I mean, honestly, what summer sunset can't be made better by chocolate and fire-roasted marshmellows? We discovered gluten-free graham crackers about two years ago and it was like a rebirth for me.  Girl can go without, and while I often say something to the effect of "Eh, the cake/crackers/otherglutenyitem is just a holder for the good stuff anyway" and I mean it, the same just doesn't go for s'mores.  You need that graham cracker, and we submit that those gluten-free graham crackers are even better than the original.  S'mores are a staple in our family, enjoyed at every occasion, and we needed the real thing back.  They've been back in business for sometime now, so thank the good Lord that our babies need never know a s'moreless world.  We enjoyed them with friends after our dinner for hubby's graduation.  Sweet Pea is still too little for them, but her big cousin knows the ropes and will gladly show her the game come fall.

Let's take this one step further.  What summer sunset, enjoyed with s'mores, can't be made even better with some chocolately smooches?

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  1. Definitely craving smores right now!! These pictures are just lovely, Taylor!


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