Monday, July 04, 2011


We have a fairly typical bedtime routine around here.  It includes a lot of cuddling, a lot of singing, maybe a book or a poem, sometimes a bottle, and always a prayer.

Sometimes bedtime is silly.  Sometimes someone is in a very goofy mood.  We're lucky to have a little one who very quickly and easily goes to sleep, and only rarely does she wail or cry or fuss.  She gets her songs and snuggles, then gets laid on her back in her crib, where she instantly clutches her blanket in one hand, pulling it up to rub on her cheek.  She turns to her side, pushing her fingers into her mouth and cuddling up with her duckie or gloworm.  Then it's off to her sweet dreams.

What to babies dream about?  I ask her every morning what she dreamed about, and she just smiles at me. How I wish I could see those sweet and simple little dreams.

Every now and then, we tickle and laugh and play just before bed.  If she's really lucky, she gets to play with her cousin before bed, reading books and laughing.  It's these moments that make me excited to one day give our Sweet Pea a sister or brother, because my oh my, are the moments with littles together precious.

And speaking of babies clad in only diapers, I have to say that I never understood why anyone liked the movie E.T. until I had a baby.  E.T. was scary and creepy to me, but maybe that's because I was like 5 when the movie came out.  Now that I have a baby, I see that little hollow chest and big belly and teeny shoulders and I go, "Oh.  E.T. was freaking adorable."


  1. She looks so happy and SO very loved!! I cannot believe how big she's getting, Taylor!

  2. Cracking up at your ET comment! I love having N in just a diaper for LOTS of reasons: no stains on clothing when she smears food all over herself, easier to change her diaper, and I get to see the baby chub she still has in plain sight. :)


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