Sunday, July 03, 2011

Babies and Watermelon

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Hubby's graduation in style.  In spite of thunderstorms and quite a few folks not being able to make it after all, a few dear friends showed up at my parents' house for a backyard barbeque, complete with good food, funny babies, sprinklers, frisbee and s'mores.

And, oh goodness, watermelon.

Ironically, watermelon is my husband's least favorite fruit.  He doesn't like it and I think he's crazy.  That didn't stop us though, because to the rest of us, nothing says summer like a huge bowl of cold watermelon. And nothing really says summer like putting that watermelon in front of soaking wet babies and letting them go to town.

One of the babies had never had watermelon before.  Can you guess which one?

She may look just like her Daddy, but the ball stops there.  This one is definitely my daughter, what with her love of the party, her extroverted nature and her love of- what else- watermelon.




Oh summer, I love you so much.  I can't believe you've just begun!


  1. Where did you get that diaper!?!? I love it, but not as much as I love little Waverly sitting with her big kids and fitting right in:).


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