Monday, July 04, 2011

Love Child

If Elton John and Esther Williams had a love child, it would look like this.

Seriously.  Bathing caps for babies.  Who thinks of these things?  Someone half amazing and half evil, I tell you.  Amazing because, well, see above.  Evil because they know that ridiculous people like me will see them and drool over them and stalk the store until they go on sale 60% off and then buy one for her baby and her niece and feel like a little bit of an idiot because who buys a bathing cap for a baby and then feel a little bit brilliant because I do.  I buy bathing caps for babies.


  1. Anonymous11:24 PM

    OMG, that last picture is AMAZING :)

  2. Aunt Susan12:44 PM

    OMG, Charlie looks like a merbaby in that last pic!!! Absolutely too cute for words!

  3. I'm CRACKING UP over the first sentence of this post! BAHAHAHA. So adorable and I'm going to venture a guess that the bathing cap is from Gymboree. ;)


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