Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Before and In-Between

Last weekend, we embarked on an epic adventure.  We (ok, more like I) decided that it was high time we painted our kitchen cabinets.  So, in the course of one hour, we went from no weekend plans to weekend warriors.

I mean, seriously.  Our kitchen has looked like this for three (yes, THREE) years:

Well, ok, we did have cabinet doors all of those three years.  I just almost forgot to take "before" pictures!  If you look closely in the first picture, you will see that the tile has a picture of a pile of bread and wheat stalks.


Do you catch the irony?

Speaking of irony, the cabinets are done, after a long and tedious and disasterous week.  No, it should not take that long to redo your cabinets.  But back to the irony.  There are four doors that still need to be redone.

Excuse all of the project stuff on the counter!
Yup, ONE DOOR PER ROW.  Really?  Really?  I can't have just ONE complete line of cabinets.  My OCD nature cain't haindle it, I tell you!  And of course, one of the doors just has to be a door to all of the poisonous cleaning products in our house, so I have to watch the kitchen like a hawk.  Sigh.

It's going to be awhile before there is a true "after."  Next up are the countertops, the tile backsplash, a new sink, and possibly new appliances.

This may or may not be the first time my husband is hearing of all that.  Hi, honey!  Can we go to Home Depot later?  K luv u bi!


  1. Oh, THAT'S what you meant about one door being off. Got it. Was thinking something totally different, haha.

    LOVE the new look. And yes, the gluten-y tile backsplash needs to go. ;)

  2. Looks wonderful!! So funny that we are in the exact same process right now:). I can't wait to see your final product!

  3. Anonymous9:05 PM

    It looks great!!


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