Thursday, June 23, 2011

A few of my favorite things

A few of my NOT favorite things include our still-messed-up computer/photo situation and the fact that my favorite lens is still broken.  Also the fact that my part-time job is causing more stress and sleep loss than I ever thought possible.  These make me feel grumbly and out of of sorts.

But a few of my very favorite things include the funniest munchkin ever, and the fact that it is summer.  My, how I love summer.  I get excited for the end of the school year because it means more fun for everyone.  In just the past week, we've:
- Celebrated our fourth anniversary with a mini-vacation at the beach
- Gone to and photographed an adorable birthday party
- Had a lovely time hanging out with some of the neighborhood girls
- Celebrated Fathers' Day with a cookout at my grandparents' house
- Taken a nap
- Had friends over for a yummy dinner (complete with s'mores)
- Gone shopping with my mom and Bean
- Had dinner with a special friend
- Gone to play group
- Gone to physical therapy while wonderful friends played with the baby
- Gotten a haircut
- Played in a pool
- Taken another special friend to dinner to celebrate her birthday

And there's more where that came from!  I love our lives filled with friends and people and living life together.  The more the merrier is my mantra.

But I still no matter what just love my sweet times with my baby girl.  Proof:
The Einstein hair

"It's whatever, I'm big!"

I know this just looks like a sleeping baby, but sometimes I look at her
sleeping at night and I just get shivers of delight and love
Morning cuddles.  Excuse my messy nightstand.  I just need
to be surrounded by a pile of books and my lavender lotion

Sleeping with her favorite friends

Avocado face

Life is good.  Can you believe that's the face that loses it at nursery?


  1. she looks so sweet sleeping in her crib! i can so relate! sometimes i'm holding finn while he's sleeping and i just can't put him down. i just want to squeal "baby! baby! i have a baby!" and jump up and down and squeeze him and giggle.

  2. Oh that last picture is to die for!! You're a jewel, Taylor--finding joy amidst frustrating circumstances:).


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