Friday, April 01, 2011

My, how you've grown!

They aren't kidding when they say, "They grow so fast."

Four days
Six and a half months
I remember how much she hated that bowl on the first day.  It was all full of padding, and we even let it soak in warm water and dried it off before putting her in it so that it would be nice and warm.  We got about two pictures before she started to cry.  Today, and I kid not, I had her just chilling in that bowl for a good 20 minutes.  She's started to associate my camera with super-happy-playing-fun time.


Part of me misses that tiny, tiny, not even six pounds baby, with her slow blinky eyes and newborn smell.  But this baby we have now is charming, silly, smiling, and still sweet as can be.  She lights up our lives, just like she has from the moment I saw that faint little line on my Dollar Tree pregnancy test.


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  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    *sigh* I love her. Seriously, T, holding her today makes me want another ...


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