Friday, February 18, 2011

5 Months

Dear Sweet Girl,

Somehow, in the midst of being busy with you, I forgot to write your 5-month letter.  You are just changing so fast that I can barely keep up with you!

You learned how to roll over before turning five months, and with that you saw a whole new side of life- literally!  You should have seen the look of surprise on your face when you discovered that you had finally rolled over all on your own.  You had been so close for so long; right when you turned 4 months you were grabbing and things to pull yourself over, but then shortly after that you could do it all all on your own.

You started talking more, smiling non-stop, and boy oh boy...grabbing things.  I had to learn in about two days that anything near you was game for your little fingers.  Once you rolled over it was like you realized that the whole world was up for grabs and most certainly needed to be tasted.  You stopped caring about pacifiers, too, and learned to opt for those fingers instead.  

Your daddy wants me to point out that the day before you turned 5 months you were counted on your first tax return.  He says it was the first of no more than 18.  I say you can be counted on as many of our tax returns as you would like! 

You celebrated birthdays for the first time, both Aunt Taryn's and Nana's.  One day you're going to be so excited about birthdays, but that night you pretty much slept through it! 

You started finally sleeping in your own room for part of the night.  That was hard for me!  I love having you right next to me, but you like being in your own crib in your own room.  We decided to have you sleep the first half of the night in your crib, then let you sleep in your pack-n-play or next to me after you eat in the middle of the night.  It's very nice to let you snuggle next to me, and you absolutely love it.  You learned how to get yourself to sleep on your own after you got to spend that time alone with Daddy while I was away.  You are so good and sweet. 

Happy (belated) 5 months, baby girl!

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