Friday, February 18, 2011

IRONY, on so many levels

Last Saturday night, someone broke into my car.  We had gotten home late the night before, and I distinctly remember looking at my diaper bag (which doubles as my purse these days) and saying to it, "I don't feel like carrying you inside, like I always do.  You're going to be just fine.  Besides, it's only a few hours before we get right back in here for church."  I knew my wallet was at the bottom of the bag, but I did forget that my keys were in there, too.

They took my wallet, my keys and some prescription medication.  (Good luck with the buzz from expired antibiotics, kids.)

Cue major hassle for our little family.  And ew, they touched all my baby's stuff and threw it all over the car.  Talk about feeling violated!

So, we canceled all of the cards and changed our locks.  Fun.  However, one of our banks made a mistake and shut down my husband's card instead of mine, so a few days later we get a fraud alert.  Looks like someone had some fun buying everything they could at the local mall, including about $500 at Foot Locker and $40 at Mrs. Fields' Cookies.  

Cookies, man.  That's probably where I'd go first if I had a stolen credit card.  Gluten-free ones, of course!

Oh, and $2.50 at Taco Bell.  Because everyone needs a taco break when shopping!

Oh, and about $1000 in other stuff.  Mainly from gas stations.  7-11 gas stations, actually.

We haven't had access to any of our money all week.  This wasn't a huge deal until yesterday when the hubby realized that he was getting critically low on gas.  We called my mom for a little loan and she was of course ready to help, but she remembered that the week before our rebate from Verizon for our cell phones had arrived at their house in the form of two $50 rebate cards. 

"Perfect!" we exclaimed. 

Last month, we both got new cell phones.  It was an awesome deal because if we got two phones we could get a full rebate for both in the form of debit cards.  Final cost=$0.  Now, why were the rebate cards at my parents' house, you ask?  We are on a family share plan with my parents.  This enables us to only pay about $15 each a month for our cell phones.  Basically, it's the sweetest deal ever.  Since my dad has the account, the rebate refund went to him. 

We met up with my mom for the cards, then went about our merry ways. 

Hubby needed gas this morning very badly.  He pulls up at the 7-11 gas station and tries to swipe the card.  It doesn't work, so he goes inside.  They take the card, swipe it, then ask for ID.  This strikes the hubby as funny because, after all, apparently NONE of the gas stations asked for the ID of the person with our card.  He then realizes that the little rebate card has my dad's name on it.

Cue stink eye from the employee, who clearly thinks the hubs is a thief and now will not accept the card.

Except he's so low on gas that now the car won't start.  So he's stranded.  He calls me and I search the house over for spare change while he digs pennies out from under his seat.

I show up, hand him the scrounged change and he goes inside.  Guess the total?


No joke.

And he got another stink eye from the employee, who seemed to think this was all part of his evil plan.


  1. Anonymous5:48 PM

    sigh.... very ironic indeed!

  2. stink eye...I love you, Taylor! Thanks for hooking me up with fun new tunes every time I visit your blog!

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Bahahaha. That is pure irony. That's when you say "really, God? SERIOUSLY?"


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