Monday, January 24, 2011

Four Months(ish)


Sweet girl,

We just can't believe how much you are growing.  Every day is new with you because you are constantly changing and growing! Time is flying by so fast it is taking my breath away, so that, coupled with a trip away, being sick and some other things has made me take over a week to write you your letter.

Wow, all that has happened this month!  You slept over at Nana's for the first time and we celebrated your first holiday season.  How precious that was to us, to have our very own little family to celebrate with.  I loved getting you presents and watching your face looking so brightly at all of the colored papers and shiny bows.  You loved watching us make cookies and everyone got to take turns cuddling with you.

I think you wanted to show off for everyone because you became a different baby overnight, delighting anew in everything around you.  You found your toes, and with that discovery came the idea that everything around you was up for grabs.  You started getting antsy just laying around, so you started pulling hard to sit up and lean forward when someone is holding you.  Now, everything you grab goes straight for your mouth.  You are so close to rolling over!  You get almost there, then come crashing back flat on your back.  We watch you and root for you the way guys root for their favorite football teams.  Who knew something so simple could be so exciting?



I think my favorite thing you did this month happened after Wes and Gio's wedding.  I took you up to feed you when the wedding was over and your dad was helping with some last minute clean up.  You ate, and we laid in bed just playing peek-a-boo and being silly.  I had the TV on and something caught my attention, so I stopped looking at you to watch what was on.  I was aware that you were still staring at me though.  Suddenly, looking right at my eyes, you yelled, "Ha-oooo!" to get my attention back to our game.  It sounded just like you were trying to say hello to me.  I laughed, tickled you, and you laughed, then I looked away again to see if you'd do it again.  Sure enough, "Ha-ooooo!" and my attention was back on you and tickling you again.  You even did it a third and fourth time.  It was so fun to play with you back and forth like that.  You are so smart.


You love some of your new toys, especially ones that make music.  You learned right away how to push the buttons on your flowers and your computer to make them light up and make music.  You still love bright colors and lately, because you're teething, you love to chew.

I had to leave you for the first time this month, too.  Sweet baby, that was so hard for me.  Being without you was like being without my left arm.  It left me feeling lost and disabled, like I didn't know who I was  without you.  Being your mommy is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and it's the best part of who I am right now.  You got to spend some really special time with Daddy though, and I'm glad for that.  It was really important and special to him to be able to hold you close during that time.

We love you, Sweet Pea.  I can't wait to see what your fifth month is going to bring!

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  1. I feel like a broken record when I say ... SHE IS ADORABLE. :)


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