Friday, December 17, 2010

Diaper Diaries, Day 6

So far, I'm not over this cloth thing.  Good!  The leaks are a little annoying, but I just got some great tips from a friend and I'm going to try some remedies.  (Thank you, Chelsie!)  She suggested adding a pre-fold for some extra absorbency without too much bulk.  I'm definitely going to try that.

I'm doing two disposables (my night/early morning diapers) a day and using cloth the rest of the time.  Since the inserts don't try at all on low, and you're not supposed to dry the outer part of the diaper on high, I'm washing at night then laying out the covers to dry over night and drying the inserts on high.  Works great timing-wise and should help with the life-span of the diapers.

Tomorrow will be a week!  We've almost made it through the trial-period!

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  1. You go, mama! :) Maybe (just maybe) I'll try cloth for baby #2. :)


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