Monday, December 20, 2010

3 Months

Sweet girl,

So many experiences this month!  You celebrated your first real holiday with us.  It was special to us that your first holiday was Thanksgiving, because we are so blessed by you and thankful for you. You are more sweet and fun every moment.  Just before you turned three months old you had a huge growth spurt and we couldn't believe you were the same baby.  You've turned into a smiling, chatty girl with definite likes and dislikes and we're having so much fun learning all about you.

You still love being cuddled close, staying cozy and warm as can be, and you don't like to be alone.  You're a lot like me in that way!  It's so precious to me when you wake up to eat early in the morning, and I let you cuddle up and sleep next to me after you've finished eating.  You love being carried in the Sleepy Wrap and you're finally starting to like your little swing chair.  For the longest time you hated tummy time, but now that you're a little stronger and can push yourself up better you really like it.  You love to lay on your tummy and look at yourself in a mirror.  You really are getting so strong, and can hold your head up no problem.  If you're laying on your back you'll kick your legs so much that you almost start spinning around in circle.  You love your Bumbo chair or sitting in your kitchen seat and watching me cook or clean.  You love looking at books with me, and will stare and stare at them, or talk to the bright colors and try to touch the pages.

You still love the bath.  We really think you're going to be a swimmer!  You kick your legs like crazy and reach for bubbles when I hold you up on your tummy.  You got to test out a pool this month and you hated it, I think because the water was cool instead of warm.  Then you got to try Nana's big tub, and boy oh boy; I think that's the happiest you've been so far!

You still love music and singing.  Sometimes, if you get really upset, the only thing that will quiet you down is for me to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  You even yell at me if I don't finish the whole thing!  It finally puts you to sleep.  

You wake up so happy and ready to take on the day.  We sing and talk and you're so responsive now when we talk with you, especially in the morning.  You still smile like crazy, especially at Daddy, huge gummy grins that squint your eyes and scrunch your nose.   It must be a lot of work holding up those squishy, kissable cheeks!  Sometimes you give us Nana's "crooked smile," the smile that starts with an upward tilt on one side before spreading to the rest of your face. You make this funny little conversational sound now that tells us you're talking to us.  When we tickle you, you give us a huge smile and make little gurgling sounds that are almost a giggle.  You are still very quiet a lot the time though, and spend so much time studying the world around you.  When you really like something, though, that's when you start up a conversation, like with your Mr. Sun.  You love to try to reach out for him now!  This is you during one of your "studious" times:










That was my onesie when I was your age!
Everywhere we go, people look at you and love you.  You give away your sweet smiles so freely.  We have so much fun putting you in pretty outfits and showing you to the world, and showing the world to you.  You're discovering more of it every day and I can't believe I get to help share it with you.  You are so pretty, so smart and we are so proud of you.

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