Thursday, December 16, 2010

Diaper Diaries, Day 5

I made cloth wipes!

It took about 5 seconds.  I just cut/tore an old flannel receiving blanket of my niece's into a bunch of wipe-sized pieces.  Then I got them wet.  Then I put them in a plastic bag.  The end.

I'm going to keep a few pieces aside in case I need to use diaper rash cream.  You can't use diaper rash cream with cloth diapers because it messes up the absorbancy, but if you put some on and put a piece of cloth between the baby's skin and the diaper, I hear-tell you are good to go.

Anyway, I the cloth wipes can help maximize my laziness.  Now I can toss everything in my wet bag (which is now some kind of washable bag thingy I had lying around) and be good to go.

Also, we finally had a dirty diaper disasters, no huge mess, no stains, nothing.  Yay!  The whole week-without-a-dirty-diaper thing had me totally freaked out, so I called the doctor, and once again they told me they don't worry until it's been two weeks!  Sheesh.  I was expecting some kind of interesting story with this one, since I was expecting a huge blowout, the kind that makes me have to bathe us BOTH and redress us both and then find that my baby still has poop on her face.  (Not that I would have already experienced this or anything...twice...)

But, nope- no issues!  She's just chillin' as usual; eating and sleeping a TON.  Having a mega-baby, baby-Hulk, I'm-gonna-bust-outta-my-clothes growth spurt is a lot of work for a little one!

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