Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree, a photo essay

A look of wonderment for the tree farm that sells $20 find-your-own trees. 
"Honey, I can't tell how big they are, can you go stand by that one?  It seems small.  Oh wait, never mind..."

"Check that one honey!  I will stay here in the warm car.  I mean, I have to stay with the baby, you know."

"No wait, I don't like that one, can you check that one?  I know that it is .4 degrees outside, but just check out that tree!"

"I don't know, it looks kind of wide."


"No, babe, wait, can you look at that one down there?  It looks lonesome and it might like to come home with us."

"No, not that one- THAT one."  

"No, I don't know...let me go check some over here."  

"OMG THE WINDCHILL IS LIKE -1239487 degrees.  OMG.  OMG.  Just take a tree, any tree.  Well wait, not that one...it might be too big....ok fine, fine, whatever, get that one!"

"Yay, our tree is dead now!"

"Ok you tie up the tree and I'll take a picture."

"Because you know, I like to contribute."  

"Hi, baby!"

(Yes, he is making the McSourPuss face he thinks is so funny in pictures.)

"I love Clemsonville Tree Farm!  Yay!"

"Are you serious?  No seriously, are you serious?   Babe, turn around!"

"Honey, I can't even fit it all in one frame!  Sheesh!  Isn't that a fire hazard?"

"You're right, babe, it has 'character.'"


"Oh, hey!"


"Why yes, sweetie, grownups like to bring trees inside sometimes.  And cover them in lights!"

Kinda weird, guys.  Kinda weird.

But dag, yo...I love those lights!






Wait why do you put the toys on the tree, where I can't play with them?  You people are so confusing.


I love the lights so much I can't contain my excitement and I can't sit still!



The 2010 Christmas Tree, budget-style.  


  1. This post is adorable. I love your tree, I love W's smile when she looks at Lenny, and I love that you got your tree for $20!!! AWESOME!

  2. these pictures are soooo beautiful!! I love the tree, the story behind getting it, and how precious waverly looks in the pictures! <3


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