Tuesday, December 07, 2010

And So it Begins

We have decided to cloth diaper.

Now, before you start laughing at me, let me explain.  Actually, if you know me well enough, you're probably already laughing at me.  Me, who hates laundry.  And messiness.

Here's the thing though.  If done right, cloth diapering can save you a ton of money.  It is also better on the landfills and (supposedly) better for your baby's bottom.  The bottom line (no pun intended!) for us though had to do with the money.

Cloth diapering is actually pretty confusing.  Kind of ironic when we're talking about slapping some cloth and something waterproof together and affixing it in some way to a baby to soak up...stuff.  It really shouldn't be so confusing, but there are a lot of different cloth options out there these days at all kinds of varying costs, ease and style.

For me, ease, durability, and cost were most important to me in choosing my diapers.  The very cheapest way to go it to get simple prefolds (think big burp cloth) and covers.  This is how your grandmas would have done it.  You can fold them in all kinds of ways, then fasten them with pins or these cool things called Snappies.  Then, you fasten a waterproof cover over the cloth.  The nice thing about this way is that you can reuse the covers several times until they get actually dirty, because you can just wipe them out with a wipe and reuse them if they just get a little wet.

I have a few issues with this system.  First, the two steps can be a little complicated.  Second, I had a hard time envisioning my sweet hubby having the patience for this.  Third, this system is a little bulky.  Fourth, by the time you get decent prefolds and Snappies and covers, it adds up to not being a ton cheaper than going with an easy pocket diaper.

Pocket diapers are what I ultimately chose.  Honestly, I spent a TON of time researching all of this.  Too much time, really.  It's hard to figure out what is the best thing when you can't try it out first.  The diapers I like the most are Fuzzibunz One Size.  One size diapers are fabulous because they grow with the baby from about 10-30 lbs, which saves a lot of money in the long run.  (You don't have to buy a whole new set when your baby grows.)  A lot of people have complained about the elastic and velcro wearing out on Bum Genius, and the great thing about Fuzzibunz is that they have an easy system to replace their elastic.  They are snap diapers, and they have extra adjustment at the legs and back to prevent leaks.  Once you stuff them with an insert, you are good to go.  They basically go on like a regular diaper, then you throw the whole thing in the wash.  Good stuff.

I was all for these diapers, but then I chickened out.  We just don't have the $200+ bucks to drop on a set right now.  I tried to get some used ones, thinking I could try it out first and see how I like it, but after an hour and a half round trip to buy a set that turned out to be in terrible shape and not cared for properly, I decided I wasn't going to happy with used.  So, back to the computer I went.  And I found these.

Sunbabys.  The knock-off "Ebay diaper" made in (and sold from) China.

I spent a total of $50 for 10 diapers, with inserts, including shipping.  Here's how I figure:  A big box of diapers from Costco, about a month's supply, is about $50.  If I give this a shot, and cloth diaper for about a month, I break even if I HATE it and decide I just can't deal with it.  I don't lose anything that way and the pressure is off.  And yes, I know that with only 10 diapers I'll be doing laundry every day.

The reviews on these things are pretty decent.  We may have to put off starting a little bit, because our baby has fairly thin thighs and they might be a little too loose still on the smallest setting.  We were blessed with being given enough disposable diapers to last us well into the new year.  (Can you believe I have yet to purchase a single disposable diaper or wipe?)  So, I had decided that I would wait to cloth diaper until the baby was 3 months old.  We may have to push that back a bit more until she gets a bit more chub, but I'm ready and rearing to go!  I'm still planning to use disposables at night, but if all goes well, I'll invest in a few other kinds.

Are they not the cutest things ever?  

Well, ok, fine, that's a bit of an exaggeration.  THIS is the cutest thing ever:



  1. Good luck with the diapering, Taylor! My sister is going to use the Sun Baby diapers as well. They seem to be a great bargain. Let me know how they work...I might need to supplement at some point:). Hope you're well!

  2. You are courageous! :) In all seriousness, let me know how it goes. I want updates!

    P.S. She is adorable.

  3. That is great! If you have any questions or anything when you start let me know! Oh and you can get some super absorbent hemp inserts for night time too if you decide to do that. They are not big and bulky like doubling up can be, but just as absorbent! They are maybe $3 an insert on amazon.


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