Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two Months

Our sweet girl,

You've done so much in second month of life, every second of which has brought us more delight with each passing day.

You, my girl, are smiling.

I sincerely hope that ease with which you smile is a central part of your character.  Taking joy and delight from this life is great gift, baby girl.  Another great gift is a Daddy who delights in you, and you've got two; your Father in Heaven and your father here.  It amazes me that the love we experience as parents is but an image, a glimpse, of the love of our Heavenly Father because, good gracious, does your Daddy love you.  You are the center of his world and you are such a Daddy's girl.  All he has to do is look you in the eye and your little gummy grin lights up the room.

This month you've made new friends; you've celebrated fall with a cornmaze, a bonfire, pumpkin picking, and trick-or-treating; you've gone shopping and to restaurants and visited your Gigi and G-pop; you've even been to a Terps game. Everyone adores you everywhere you go.  You are still enamored with your cousin, and she adores you, and you forgive and forget so quickly when she accidently bumps you or pushes on your pacifier too much.

You're ticklish, which is so funny to us, especially on your neck. You've learned to really enjoy a good meal, getting very excited and gulping like a little lamb sometimes.  You are still the world's best snuggler, our little "Cuddleupagus" or "Snuggleupagus."  You'd rather be held pretty much all of the time, although you do love to sit in a vibrating chair and study your toys, especially "Mr. Sun."  Your favorite book is "Peek a Boo Kitten," with its bright colors and polka dots.  You don't really like swings; it's hilarious to watch you rock in one because you throw your hands out to the sides every time it swings forward.  I have a feeling you're going to hate roller coasters.

You are so sweet and content.  I was so worried about how I'd take care of you when I had to have my surgery, but you handled it like a little champ and everything so easy for us.  It was so nice to get to just sit and cuddle you all day while I recovered.  You had to have your big 8-week appointment this month, too, and even though you had four shots you were so brave and hardly cried.

We love singing with you, and you seem to love it, too.  Sometimes before bed we sit and play guitar and sing to you, and you love it.  If you get upset, I'll just sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and you quiet right down to listen.  I hope you'll let Daddy teach you how to play the guitar someday.

It's been a good month, little one, and I'm excited for what's in store this month.  We get to celebrate Thanksgiving, and I've never been more thankful for anyone than you.


  1. She is so precious... love the cute hats!

  2. wow I can't believe she's already two months old...she is just getting cuter and cuter!!!! Enjoy every second :)

  3. wow i can't believe it's already been two months..she just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Enjoy every second :)


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