Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Like a Weed

Our little Sweet Pea is growing like a weed.  She had her 8 week appointment yesterday and came in at 10.2 lbs, 22.5 inches.  That's 50 and 55 percentile, which is actually pretty big for a 36-weeker!  I knew I was going to be surprised, because she's been in a major growth spurt.  I looked at her both yesterday and today and barely knew who she was.  When I pulled out her car seat yesterday I thought, "Wow...I need to start lifting weights or something."

Check out the difference:
Sept. 19 (She wasn't even 6 pounds here.  Maybe just barely; she was 5.13 on the 17th.)

Nov. 1

Be still, my beating heart.  She's still in newborn clothes.  (Although she's outgrown a few outfits.)

I honestly think she's a pound bigger than that second picture.  I've been bathing her in the bathtub with her special seat (thanks, Stacy!) but I think I'll do another sink bath tonight for another comparison. 

But oh, it's so hard to see her getting bigger.  It fills me with such joy and such aching every day.  Does that ever go away?  I think God gave me my baby early for a number of reasons, but one might have been because He knows how poorly I deal with change.  I'm glad I've gotten to hold my tiny baby just a little bit longer than most.

I'm also glad I gave birth to a tiny baby...I was looking at her laying on my belly last week thinking, "Some women give BIRTH to babies this size."  I honor those ladies in my heart of hearts.

(PS for mamas-to-be:  While that first bath fills most everyone with fear and trembling [they're so slippery!  so tiny!  ahh!] using the sink was the best thing ever in the beginning.  She LOVED it [still loves baths] and she stayed warmer and more secure since babies fit a little better in the bathers when they are a little bigger.  See?  Grandma still knows best.)  


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Wow!! She's getting so big!! :)

  2. Wow! She's growing like a weed!! I say that by 4 months she'll weigh more than Eliana :) Not what Eliana weighed at 4 months... more than Eliana will weigh at 10 months :)It is hard to see them grow, hard to pack away clothes that no longer fit, but so fun at the same time to see them grow, and develop, and to see their personalities start to come out more and more. I love it!!! :)

    She is just precious... and so glad the bather is working for ya!

  3. she is adorable and getting so big, but she is still little! I am jealous, I have always wanted tiny squishy little babies, but mine were both 8 pounders and fast growers and solid (well Ella was a little more squishy since she was a girl)! I love all your pictures of her, she is so cute!


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