Tuesday, April 01, 2014

First Food

I so wanted to wait until he was 6 months old.  I wanted his brand-new babyness to last as long as possible.  But I can't keep up with this kid!  Peanut nurses around the clock, every three hours; sometimes more, rarely a bit less.  And he certainly does not sleep through the night.  So we decided to give rice cereal a try last weekend and it was a hit!

He seemed to know right away that the spoon would hold something good and he went right for it.  He didn't really get what to do at first, but just when I was about to quit for the night he started swallowing and getting all geeked out excited.  He tried so hard and even though it did absolutely nothing to help him sleep longer, it was really fun.

In between velociraptor-like bites he was all smiles.  He's a fan of good food and good conversation.

Emphasis on "good" food.  I think he wants to like it, but he really doesn't.

Meanwhile, the past three rice-cereal feedings have been dismal failures.  Head turning, crying, refusing to swallow...total disinterest.  Not quite sure yet what to do about it!

While I'm at it, here's Sweet Pea and her first attempts at food.  I didn't remember that she was a velociraptor, too!

Also maybe Peanut got mad about his cereal tonight because I made it too thick?

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