Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Two Months

Dear my sweet baby,

I don't know why, but all throughout my pregnancy with you had this feeling that you were going to be my joy-baby.  Your sister, who is my delight-baby, was obviously sweet and precious in her own right.  She was introverted though, even when she was tiny.  You, on the other hand, started trying to smile from day one and you haven't stopped.  Your dimples slay us.  

When you are awake, which is still the minority of the day, you are all smiles.  If you're not smiling, you're just waiting for someone to tell a good joke.  (In your opinion, a good joke is anything having to do with blowing some form of a raspberry.) I know it sounds crazy, but I swear you say "hi" already.  You don't make a lot of cooing sounds (mostly your talking is little grunts and growls and the yard sale lady sound), but whenever you're in a happy mood and I lean over you and say, "Hiii!" you look me dead in the eyes and say back, "Whooo..." and smile.  Always the smiles. 

You are still such a snuggler, but when you are awake and want to play, wow, are you strong!  I can't believe how strong you are.  You can practically stand unassisted and try to as much as possible.  You hold your head up and back and try to see everything around you, pushing against my shoulders with your strong arms or against my belly with your legs.  When you are happy or excited your little legs work back and forth, nonstop, like you're trying to ride a bike or just take off running on your skinny little legs.  

Apparently Daddy and I don't make chubby babies, but it's amazed me how much of a boy you are already.  I thought tiny babies were all just tiny babies, but no; you're so different from your skinny-mini sister at your age.Your legs have no chunk, but you feel so wide and heavy in your shoulders and little jutting-out rooster chest.  I think you're going to be able to do lots of pushups.  You and Daddy can have pushup contests.  He loves those.

Your current favorite things are Daddy, jokes, and ceiling fans.  Except I think in opposite order.  (Sorry, Daddy.)  Oh, and swinging in your swing.  You love swinging in your swing, so much so that you've slept quite a few nights in it.  And your carseat, for that matter.  You're a great sleeper but you still take after your mama and want to be awake and throwing parties from 11-1.  Usually I don't mind, but sometimes we've all got to rest, so after adequate snuggles and singing or listening to Daddy's heartbeat, into the swing or carseat you go.  

When you're awake you tend to want to be the center of attention.  You still have that one cry that sounds like a lonesome little lamb, and when no one is looking at you you make sure to get our attention.  You've already laughed a few times.  You laugh a lot in your sleep, but boy, was that ceiling fan hilarious the other day.  And you laughed at me talking to you last week, too.  

I still can't believe how seamlessly you've fit into the fabric of our little family.  You've made it easy, being the dreamiest baby imaginable.  Besides being tired, this has been a much easier time than I could have imagined and these slow, quiet days are precious.  Change is coming, but you've made this is a season of sweetness.



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