Friday, October 04, 2013


My sweet friend L hosted a double baby sprinkle for our friend J and me.  It was a sweet, low-key night with our mama friends from church playgroup.  We ate (L is an amazing cook) and laughed and- wait for it- wore makeup.  I laughed to myself while I was getting ready that it was entirely possible that a couple of these ladies had never seen me with my hair done and makeup on or wearing something other than sweatpants.  Because that's just how I roll at the ungodly hour of 10 am when playgroup starts.  I'm kind of a perpetual college kid like that.  ;)

Loooooved this idea!

It is so fun to be expecting at the same time as good friends.
mid-Dec, early-Nov, mid-Nov


I found out just before the party that my old fox-hunting trainer is really ill.
This little fox outfit was extra special. 

Matching outfits for our kiddos, girl and boy!

Hand-me-down adorable clothes on a clothesline.  A-DORB.

Our sweet hostess with the mostest.

Cute cute favors.

Thank you, my sweet friends, for a sweet evening of celebrating babies!

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