Thursday, September 19, 2013


I've been seeing a prenatal specialist this pregnancy to keep an eye on the baby's growth.  Nothing major, but I've been a little small and since I have Celiac Disease and had cholestasis the first pregnancy, they've wanted to check the baby's growth.  Or they just want more money.  Probably #2, but since these growth checks involved 3D ultrasounds, I decided to go for it.

It is so amazingly awesome to see your baby's features before he's even born.  I can tell that this little guy looks more like my side of the family, which is funny because Sweet Pea is such a little Smith.  She's like a clone of her cousin Maggie.  This little guy looks more like me, more like his cousin Bean, and more like my dad.  Which is also funny, because I think the Smith Sweet Pea actually looks most like is her Pop Pop, so we're going to have a mini-Pop Pop and a mini-Grandpa.

Bottom line is this: any way you look at it, my kids are cute.

And this kid?  I guess he knows his mom and Nana photograph newborns professionally, because he is constantly practicing his poses.

Here's the classic chin-in-hand.  That pose has to be a composite shot, but maybe all his practice means his neck will be super strong and he'll be able to do it on his own!

28 weeks
 Classic chin-resting-on-arms pose:

33 weeks.
I love that smooshed nose!  It's like he's pressed up to glass.  I have a friend who was a kindergarten teacher in her first pregnancy and her belly popped out pretty far toward the end.  One of her little kindergarteners came up to her, pointed to my friend's belly button and asked, "Is that the baby's nose?" I guess she thought the baby looked like this!  :)

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  1. Love that smooshed nose too! He sure is blessed to have such a great family already :)


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