Friday, October 11, 2013

Slumber Sprinkle

My BFF Stacy hosted a baby "sprinkle" for our new little man.  I was adamant that people not spoil us, but spoil us they did anyway.

I had no idea how badly I needed that night with those girls.  Stacy told everyone to come in their PJ's, which was brilliant, especially because it turned out to be a dark and stormy night.  We had mocktails and chips and dip and the chocolate fountain was in high gear.  Ooo and cupcakes!  Jayme and Jen brought cupcakes from a little cupcakery and even had a gluten-free one for of the best cupcakes I've ever had.

All of the girls there have been friends of mine for years and years.  They were nearly all at my wedding, I've lived with most of them, and honestly?  I wish we could all live in a commune together forever.  Six of us are currently pregnant, and my only regret of the night is that I didn't get a group shot of all the pregnant girls. But I got three of us!

Monster bum!

The two on the left are due in January and I can't. WAIT.

I think I hugged every little outfit like that.  This is a blankie though, handmade with a cowboy fabric I adore with minky on the other side with his name embroidered.  I died of love.  It's like she knows me or something.  ;)

Also?  I'm pretty excited about all of the other showers coming up for the other friends.  I get to see all of these girls basically all the time and it rocks.

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  1. So sweet. :) I am a little sad I wasn't there for it, though. I miss you, girl!


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